About Us

 Hello, my name is Shannon and I am the founder of Dough Nation Factory.

Thank you for visiting our site and for your interest in our products.

We were born out of necessity. As a mom of 4 kids, homeschooling through a pandemic, a first responder by trade and chasing after a very energetic toddler, I needed to stay sane...
That is how Dough Nation factory was born!

Our goal is to engage children through play by stimulating their senses, their curiosity and their imaginations. Today's children are exposed to electronics since birth, it is the nature of our modern lives. Nevertheless, the basics of sensory and motor development still requires play and interaction of the most basic nature. 

We believe in bringing children together to explore the world through their hands and minds, through color, texture, and imagination.

Please feel free to look around, ask questions, and give us any suggestions.

Much love,


We will also donate 5% of all profits to Project Underground Railroad. An amazing organization fighting to keep all children safe!
Thanks for visiting!